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Future and Emerging Trends in Language Technology

Future and Emerging Trends in Language Technology

In recent years, new approaches, techniques and models have emerged in the field of language technology. Several factors have contributed to this progressive growth. The creation of large corpora and linguistic resources, the consolidation of statistical models based on different machine learning techniques or substantial improvements in the quality and robustness of speech recognition systems, dialogue management or automatic translation, among others, have made the field of language technology a promising area of research and an emerging industry.

Furthermore, the integration of language technologies with converging disciplines such as robotics, social networking, Internet of Things, or even within the new framework of the ICT sector defined by mobile devices (mobile computing), Big Data, cloud computing creates new application areas involving research challenges that are to be addressed in the near future. These are, after all, challenges that will in turn affect the design of policies and guidelines for research and investment in both the public and private sectors.

The Workshop 'Future and Emerging Trends in Language Technology' has been conceived as a meeting point where experts and professionals in the fields of language technologies and other converging areas will discuss the state of the art, as well as the emerging trends in this sector. The main objective of this workshop is to serve as a bridge between academia and industry, as well as representatives of agencies that coordinate research and innovation policies. The workshop thus guarantees a multidisciplinary identical spirit in which experts will be able to present and analyze the trends that will shape the immediate future in this sector.

The structure of the Workshop will feature a significant number of experts in language technologies and convergent areas. One objective will be the organization of forum sessions in order to review some of the current-trend research projects that are already addressing new methodological approaches and proposing solutions and innovative applications. A second major objective will be brainstorming sessions where representatives of the most innovative industrial sector in this area can present and describe the challenges and socio-economic needs of the present and immediate future. All researchers are invited to submit proposals that incorporate solid research and innovation ideas in the field of language technology and in connection with other convergent areas.


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The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Union - Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement n° 610916 – SENSEI.